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Private Training with Dr Westerman

IPS is able to deliver their unique training programs for organisations who wish to have a greater ‘whole of organisation’ level of access to these programs. There are many advantages to contracting IPS to deliver their programs privately, not the least of which is that the whole organisation is able to benefit from a consistent cultural framework from which a ‘critical mass’ then exists to facilitate ongoing learning and implementation. The primary advantage however is that the training packages can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Due to the volume of training delivered by IPS each year they have demonstrated the ability to deliver programs across a wide range of needs as well as professions.

Dr Westerman’s private training programs can be delivered to up to 35 individuals per workshop. In most instances organisations have sufficient staff to ensure that these 35 spots are filled, however, there are also many instances in which a number of organisations from the same location or region join together and ‘cost share’ to have Dr Westerman travel to them.

IPS maintains a database of organisations who have requested private training across Australia and so are able to connect agencies up with each other to share costs when requested.

IPS is able  to provide with all costs including airfares and accommodation where applicable. Adjunct Professor Westerman is able to deliver on a range of different topics across the complete range of Aboriginal mental health, cultural competency and suicide prevention. In addition, as a trainer with a wealth of experience in being contracted to over 300 distinct organisations she is efficient at delivering content across a myriad of different systems and contexts. Adjunct Professor Westerman is able to tailor training to the particular needs of the organisation when required. As Adjunct Professor Westerman’s trainings are in high demand across Australia there is ordinarily an average waiting time of up to 6 months before she is able to deliver these workshops. 

IPS Trainings are held over a minimum of 2 days however, we are able to indicate an exact timeframe depending upon the content that you require.


IPS strongly recommends that clients considering a private training also consider the addition of a Cultural Competency Intervention Program. This ensures the development of cultural competencies at a longer term level with your staff and at an Organisational level.

Download the IPS Training Brochure for details on the programs that are available.

Refer to Our Clients page for a list of private training contracts and Testimonials pages for more information. 

Dr Westerman is arguably one of the most in demand trainers in Australia, having trained 30,000+ clinicians since IPS’ inception making her arguably the most in demand trainer in Australia. The popularity of her workshops are the result of her reputation as a clinician, researcher bringing together a wealth of experience to participants. 

Please contact IPS for further information and to obtain a quote for a private training program specifically for your organisation.