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Collective grief ripples through Indigenous community after Cassius Turvey’s death

Dr Tracy Westerman is an Indigenous psychologist with two decades of expertise on the impacts of race-related grief and trauma.

The Nyamal woman said tragedies such as the death of Cassius Turvey can intensify complex layers of trauma, and compound the grief of many First Nations people.

Adding to that the historical treatment of Indigenous Australians by authorities, she said, and Indigenous people were united in a shared struggle.

“The experience of Aboriginal people is not [one of] receiving justice for our children,” she said.

“The lack of justice for black victims of crime, including over 500 Aboriginal deaths in custody without conviction, means that the vulnerability is felt at a much greater and broader community level.”

Dr Westerman explained that, for Indigenous mob, there was a genuine fear for the next trauma.

“This fear is based on real life, rather than any created sense of fear or threat,” she said… Read More here