Indigenous Psychological Services (IPS) is a private company founded in 1998 by Dr Tracy Westerman of the Njamal people of the North West of Western Australia. She developed IPS to address the paucity of specialist mental health services for Aboriginal people, despite the obvious need for these. The company operates in the ABSENCE of government funding and maintains a focus on the provision of free work as deemed necessary to address chronic needs. IPS also self-funds research to ensure the cultural validity of programs, assessments and tests. It is essential that social justice and the addressing of inequity remains a constant focus.

It can only be for the greater good that solutions based on empirical evidence remain a focus for us all. IPS prides itself on delivering on cultural and clinical best practice at all times.

IPS’ services commenced from its origins in WA to now having a significant service delivery presence across NSW, SA, QLD, VIC and the NT since 2003. IPS track record of success over the past 18 years is directly attributable to a number of core principles including:

    1. Recognising the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture and limitations of mainstream approaches to mental health service delivery. IPS has undertaken award winning, nationally and internationally recognised research which has resulted in the development of a unique range of training packages, workforce development products and programs, psychological tests, and community intervention programs,
    2. Recognising the diversity of Aboriginal culture and never assume a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our research rigour and significant presence in Aboriginal communities has resulted in being able to demonstrate the successful application of our programs and services across 20 distinct Aboriginal groups across every state and territory of Australia,
    3. Demonstrating to our clients that we have made a measurable difference. This is through our unique ability to measure and improve the cultural competencies of individuals and organisations, and in our ability to successfully gauge skills development within communities in which we deliver our programs.

  • It is these principles that have resulted in IPS being a firmly established leader in the provision of innovative, culturally specific Aboriginal mental health services. IPS has four areas of service delivery including:
    1. Aboriginal Mental Health Training Programs
    2. Cultural Competency Intervention Programs
    3. Psychological Tests & Profiles
    4. Whole of Aboriginal Community Mental Health & Suicide Intervention Programs

  • IPS also undertakes a significant amount of Aboriginal mental health research which has resulted in the development of a number of unique Aboriginal mental health workforce development products and psychological tests.