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COVID-19 Pandemic Information


The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event and our focus is always on the best interests of our clients. Whilst the current circumstances will place significant strain on all small businesses, including ours, we are fortunately very well placed to ride out this all-pervasive crisis thanks to our customers who have remained so loyal over the past 21 years and now, more than ever!

We are just sending this email to assure our customers that we are open for business and ready to meet any of your professional development needs.


1.       Will the 2020 workshops go ahead?

Obviously with the current restrictions from COVID19 this is not possible. However, IPS is  committed to delivering all of our scheduled 2020 training workshops as soon as it is safe to do so. At this stage we are postponing (not cancelling) all scheduled workshops for 6 months. We have provided notice to all who have registered and are pleased that all who have registered have been able to commit to their registrations.

We will provide significant notice of the new workshop dates and have committed to delivering workshops at a greater volume than usual to ensure they are delivered as promptly as possible once it is safe to do so.

The impacted training courses include the Aboriginal Mental Health Assessment & Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal Communities Workshops in Brisbane; Adelaide; Townsville and Sydney

As Perth (October 14-16) and Darwin (November 25-27) courses fall outside of the six month period we will be in a better position to advise on these workshops in the coming months.

2.       Can I still register for Training Workshops?


IPS do not anticipate problems with the delivery of workshops once safe to do so. If the workshops have to be cancelled for any reason, full refunds will of course apply in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you choose to register, however, it will be on the understanding that the dates for the workshops are to be confirmed.

We will endeavour to reschedule all affected courses as soon as possible and provide regular updates to those registered. You can register here

3.       Are there any other professional development options?

Yes, there are many options available that are completely CONTACT FREE!

We are also working hard on (1) online training options for some of our workshops, and (2) the launch of our first E-Learning modules in the next few months.

4.       Private Training Workshops

We are still able to speak to you about contracting IPS (Adjunct Professor Westerman) for private training workshops. As her standard ‘wait period’ has consistently been 6 months plus, the current situation with COVID-19 means that this wait period will likely be around 9 months. Contractually we can legally commit to the contract with dates “to be confirmed”.

We have already committed to delivering a larger volume of workshops once the restrictions have lifted to deal with the backlog of private trainings. For further information click here


 5.       Cultural Competency Programs

IPS has been delivering Cultural Competency Intervention Programs for the past twenty years and have the only programs that have demonstrated the capacity to both measure and improve cultural competencies. Options include:

A.     Cultural Competency Testing, Determination & Analysis.

Dr Westerman has developed & validated three tests of cultural competencies which provide organisations with an opportunity to develop staff cultural competencies in a measurable and objective manner. In addition, she has also developed a scale of ‘cultural needs’ to determine the organisational and support needs of Aboriginal staff. Further information on these tools can be found by clicking on the links below:

1.       the Aboriginal Mental Health Cultural Competency Profile (CCP);

2.       the General Cultural Competency Profile (GCCP: 2003) and,

3.       the Cultural Competency – Child Protection (CCP-CP)

4.       The Cultural Needs Scale (CNS), for Aboriginal staff

This program involves FOUR major activities:

1.       Testing the cultural competencies of a set number of staff

2.       Development of cultural supervision plans for all staff

3.       Analysis of Organisational Cultural Competencies for all staff tested (in non-identifying form). This enables organisations to track their cultural competencies over time and provides an objective measure of improvements in cultural competencies to use as Key Performance Indicators against any Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

4.       The provision of a comprehensive report and analysis of outcome specific to attaining improvements in cultural competencies across the organisation. IPS is also able to sample a set number of staff annually and provide trend analyses to organisations against cultural competency benchmarks

B.      Cultural Competency Intervention Programs.  This involves training which is encased in pre and post testing of cultural competencies and considered the ‘gold standard’ of professional development. It involves:

1.                      Determination of baseline cultural competencies one of IPS cultural competency tests

2.                      Development and delivery of a targeted training intervention program

3.                      Re-evaluation of the cultural competencies at post-training intervention,

4.                      Full report of pre and post cultural competency outcomes and recommendations for organisational strategic development of cultural competencies over time.

C.      Cultural Review, Development & Implementation of Existing Policies, Procedures

A capacity unique to IPS involves the review and implementation of cultural policies and procedures across organisations. This provides the ‘how to guide’ for staff to ensure, access to policies, proformas and procedures in their day to day work with Aboriginal clients. It ensures the organisation has appropriate cultural AND clinical governance in place. In our experience organisations often have ONE or the OTHER, but not both!

The overriding objective is to value-add to existing services and programs and in some instances, assist in the development of frameworks to ensure the delivery of culturally appropriate services to Indigenous clients and families accessing the organisation.

Further information on our considerable number of clients and successful contracts click here

In the meantime we will provide regular updates as we navigate through this uncertain time. Thank you for your understanding, please stay safe, self distance, self isolate.

For all  enquiries related to any of these programs you can either email admin@ips.iinet.net.au or phone us directly on 08-93622036

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